Botswana Activities & Attractions

Botswana is a remarkably unique travel destination, and one that’s particularly well-suited for photography.

As of 2014 Botswana became one of the only African countries to have banned game hunting – so is thus fully focused on the art of viewing rather than chasing animals

Wild life conservation is so huge that the patron of the Rhino Conservation Botswana is Prince Harry from the UK

Though a major part of the country is semii arid and home to the Kalahari Desert, she boasts of a massive range of natural landscapes: rivers and streams, swamps, deserts, woodlands, and salt pans. There is an extraordinary abundance of wildlife, including the African Big Five. Distinctive flowers and fauna border crystal clear waterways in the Deltas swarming with tiger fish. The absolute beauty of the landscape begs to be captured by aspiring photographers; it is indeed a photo safari dream.